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I.T & Marketing Consultant

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Strong background in sales working many years in solution selling and progressing into business development and client relationship management

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Online and digital marketing expert focusing on email marketing, social media marketing, marketing strategies and digital advertising

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Information Technology

My core and passion, working extensively in software consulting on many I.T projects ranging from multiple ERP systems to mobile applications



ODYO is an audiology service provider that makes hearing care support more easily accessible through the mobility of its services, web technologies and awareness activities. We currently focus on four segments:

  • At home
  • Schools
  • Industrial noise
  • Senior Residencees

ODYO Mobile

Our mission at ODYO is to prevent hearing loss and to help improve the quality of life and social integration of individuals that are living with hearing loss.

  • Audiology services and hearing tests
  • FM Systems for children with hard of hearing
  • Hearing conservation programs
  • Improvement of quality of life and social integration


ODYO's web presence aims to provide people with valuable hearing care infromation with great ease. The ODYO ONLINE platform is the first hearing care and audiology services on the web providing educative tools, videos and practical guides to help. We also provide the necessary ear products required for day to day use.

  • ODYO

  • Early in my career I founded and built f500Designs focusing on creating websites for the SMB sector with customisable solutions to scale up. Today, I am still implementing and assisting SMBs with online solutions, advancing into on-line marketing, social media strategies, online advertising campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO)


    Want to help improve your organisations on-line presence.

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    Work hard, be happy and enjoy life

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    "If you can kneel to God, then you can stand up to anything"

    Aly Sobhy

    Partner, ODYO Santé Auditive


    I grew up most of my life in the Middle East around people from different nationalities and various backgrounds. Being exposed to a wide diversity taught me A lot regarding the understanding and dealings with human beings. The science of social interaction became a part of my life where relationships developed and dealing with people and became a neccessity. Not only did this teach me to listen and adapt the way I speak to different audiences, but it also instilled in me many principles and values of which I live by today.

    After coming to Montreal to study at McGill University, I started on my path to figure out what it is I want to do...Let's just say that I am still unsure, however I think I am close to knowing what it is.

    • For this reason I began working on Life Made Decisions - Life M.D

    • Helping out people and passing on knowledge became an integral part of my life and for that reason, I always seek to learn and gather new information everyday, even from a 5 year old, as deep down in my heart, I will always be a 5 year old.

      A wise man once told me "Do what you got to do in order to be able to do what you want to do."

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